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I began my writing career in the world of Star Trek on "Deep Space Nine" and "Voyager." I continued writing and producing a variety of shows, from "Roswell" and "Hercules" to "Missing" and "Martial Law." I had the opportunity to write two issues of "Batman: No Man's Land" for DC Comics, and the script for a theme park attraction: "Borg Invasion: 4D." I teamed up with "Martial Law" showrunners Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin to write and co-write three novels in the "Dead Man" series. I co-wrote the novels "All In" and "All Gone" with Joel Goldman. I also co-wrote a serialized FBI thriller called "False Idols" for My most recent project was writing two episodes of the CW series "Pandora."

You can see my full list of credits at my IMDB page

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